The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

Universal Standards Manual
The Universal Standards for Social Performance Management "Universal Standards" is a comprehensive manual of best practices created by and for people in microfinance as a resource to help financial institutions achieve their social goals. The Universal Standards manual contains an introduction to the Universal Standards, as well as all standards and essential practices:

  • In English Download the Universal Standards Manual here
  • En Français Cliquez ici pour télécharger le manuel des Normes Universelles.
  • En Español Haga clic para descargar el manual de los Estándares Universalas.
    Azərbaycan Standartlar, əsas təcrübələr və indikatorları buradan yükləyə bilərsiniz.
  • Em Português O SPI4 está agora também disponível em Português e pode ser baixado aqui.
  • Arabic and Russian versions coming soon.

The SPI4 Tool 
The SPI4 is a social performance assessment tool for microfinance institutions to help them evaluate their level of implementation of the Universal Standards, and includes the Smart Campaign Client Protection Principles. SPI4 also offers users with a specific mission focus—green, poverty, rural, gender—to assess their practices, thanks to optional indicators that reflect the latest industry thinking in these areas. CERISE, in collaboration with SPTF and a panel of experts, updated the SPI assessment tool to align it fully to the Universal Standards. Download the SPI4 here.

Download the Universal Standards Implementation Guide!
The new SPTF Universal Standards Implementation Guide offers comprehensive guidance to financial institutions on how to implement the practices found in the Universal Standards. Use this guide to strengthen social performance management (SPM) practice at your institution, or to support and evaluate the SPM practices of your partners and investees:

Read the CGAP Brief on the Implementation Guide  In EnglishEn FrançaisEn Español

Video Profiles of Institutions Implementing the Universal Standards
 To watch videos about early adopters of the Universal Standards, please click here.

Click here to read "What are the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management?"

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