Awareness Raising Campaign

2013 Universal Standards Global Awareness Raising Campaign
Implemented by the MFC SP Fund for Networks in collaboration with SPTF

In its June 2012 annual meeting, the SPTF officially released the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management (“Universal Standards”), a comprehensive manual of best practices created by and for people in microfinance as a resource to help MFIs achieve their social goals.  For more information on the Universal Standards, click here.

In 2013, one of the main goals of the SPTF is to make sure as many MFIs and other stakeholders in the microfinance industry know that the Universal Standards is a resource available to them.  To this end, the MFC SP Fund for Networks, in collaboration with SPTF, has launched the 2013 Universal Standards Global Awareness Raising Campaign and invited all interested national and regional networks to join. 

41 networks from every region of the world have signed up to the Campaign and submitted plans for how they will work with their partner MFIs to help them understand and use the Universal Standards to help them achieve their social goals.

List of the Partner Networks

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Please use these as you like in any trainings you give on the Universal Standards.  For more informational materials on the Standards (handouts, manuals) to use during presentations, please visit our Communications Materials page here.  

For Broad Audiences

For Investors

For Networks

MFC/SPTF Awareness Raising Campaign Resources for Networks:

Recursos para las Redes en la Campaña de Sensibilización sobre los Estándares Universales:


Ressources pour les réseaux dans le cadre de la campagne de sensibilisation MFC/SPTF:

MFC/SPTF Awareness Raising Campaign Resources for Networks (in Russian):


Event Calendar

Throughout the year, we will post regular updates on the activities for the networks who have joined the Awareness Raising Campaign.  We encourage you to check back into this website periodically for the latest information.

-Event Calendar in English
-Event Calendar en español
-Event Calendar en français
-Event Calendar на русском языке

April 2013 - in English
April 2013 - en español
April 2013 - en français
April 2013 - на русском языке

March 2013 - in English
March 2013 - en español
March 2013 - en français
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