Annual Meetings


SPTF Director Laura Foose receives a certificate of honor from two of our meeting hosts, M. Lamine Gueye of APSFD Senegal and M. Ousmane Thiongane of UIMCEC.

Introductory Training on Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

MISION Africa - Improving the Outreach and Social Impact of Microfinance Institutions through Networks in Africa: Sharing the Experiences and Lessons Learned

20 Years of Oikocredit in Africa - Sharing Experience and Lessons Learned

CERISE SPI4 Workshop - Sharing Lessons from Pilot Testing the Tool

Youth and Social Performance - Sharing Best Practices

Social Investors Meeting

MIX's Social Performance Desk Review: Methodology, Process, Lessons Learned and Steps Ahead

SPTF Year in Review & the 2014 Annual Meeting

BREAKOUT GROUPS: In-depth Case Studies:
Equitas (India) is upfront with investors about social terms

CAURIE Microfinance (Senegal) measures and analyzes social data

CRECER (Bolivia) is transparent on its prices, terms, and conditions

Resources and Next Steps for Members

Digital Financial Services and Social Performance - No touch? High Touch? What is the Right Balance?  - no presentation used.

Where does SPM Fit In Regulation?

Outcomes Data: Measuring and Communicating the Results of Your Work

MFI's in Africa are Developing an Environmental Strategy with the GPA

Closing Ceremony, Speaker: Antonique Koning, SPTF Board Member

Workshop for the BCEAO on Incorporating Social Performance Into Regulation and Financial Inclusion Strategy

2014 Annual Meeting Briefing Materials:
In order to align with good environmental practices promoted by the Green Performance Working Group, SPTF will distribute flash drives containing all briefing materials at the Annual Meeting, instead of printed briefing books. We have posted briefing materials below. We encourage you to read these materials in advance of the Annual Meeting. You will receive a printed agenda at the meeting, as well as the flash drive:

1. Welcome Letter, SPTF
2. Welcome Letter, Frank de Giovanni of Ford Foundation
3. Agenda
4. USSPM Implementation Guide
5. USSPM Manual
6. USSPM Handout
7. SPTF Year in Review
8. SPI4 Press Release
9. CGAP Brief on Universal Standards Implementation Guide
10. Responsible Inclusive Finance Roadmap of Initiatives and Tools: From Intent to Action

For materials from annual meetings in earlier years, please send a request to SPTF at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Documents pour la convention:
Afin de s'aligner avec les bonnes pratiques environnementales portées par le Groupe de Travail de Performance Verte, la SPTF distribuera des clefs USB contenant tous les documents pour la convention annuelle, au lieu de dossiers imprimés. Nous avons affiché les documents d'information ci-dessous. Nous vous incitons à lire ces documents avant la convention.  A la convention, vous recevrez un programme imprimé, ainsi que la clef USB:

1. Lettre de Bienvenue, SPTF
2. Lettre de Bienvenue, Frank de Giovanni of Ford Foundation
3. Programme
4. Mise en Oeuvre des Normes Universelles  (bientôt disponible en francais) 
5. Le Manuel des Normes Universelles
6. Polycopié des Normes Universelles
7. SPTF Revue de l'année
8. Communiqué press de SPI4
9. Bref de CGAP sur la Mise en Oeuvre des Normes Universelles, in English
10. Responsible Inclusive Financ Roadmap of initiatives and Tools: From Intent to Action en francais


Materiales del evento:
Con el fin de estar en sintonía con las buenas prácticas ambientales promovidas por el Grupo de Trabajo del Desempeño Ecológico, el SPTF distribuirá memorias USB con todos los materiales del evento en la Reunión Anual, en lugar de materiales impresos. Hemos publicado material de información a continuación. Le alentamos a leer estos materiales con anticipación a la Reunión Anual. Recibirá un programa impreso en la reunión, además de la memoria USB:

1. Welcome Letter, SPTF
2. Welcome Letter, Frank de Giovanni of Ford Foundation
3. Programa
4. USSPM Implementation Guide, in English
5. Manual USSPM
6. Folleto USSPM
7. SPTF Años en la Revisión
8. Comunicado de Prensa
9. CGAP Brief on Universal Standards Implementation Guide, in English
10. Responsible Inclusive Finance Roadmap of Initiatives and Tools: From Intent to Action, in Spanish