Annual Meeting


2015 SPTF Annual Meeting, June 8-12 in Siem Reap, Cambodia

(from right to left)  SPTF Executive Director Laura Foose with His Excellency Kim Vada, National Bank of Cambodia, Frank DeGiovanni, Ford Foundation, and Rath Sovannorak, National Bank of Cambodia. (Photo ©2015 Roberta Zapf/SPTF)

The Social Performance Task Force (SPTF) holds a multi-day meeting for all members every year, usually in June.  The annual meeting is a place where the full Task Force meets to discuss progress made in the previous year, to debate pressing issues, and to set an agenda for SPTF’s work for the following year.  Individual working groups also meet in break-out sessions to discuss in further detail their particular areas of interest and expertise. The 2015 meeting brought together over 250 members from 51 countries.

Briefing Materials
Instead of printed briefing books, the SPTF distributed flash drives containing all annual meeting materials. This change is in support of good environmental practices promoted by the Green Performance Working Group.  Please find the materials here in English and here in French. Please read the "Table of Contents (TOC)" file first as it gives you a brief description of what each of the documents covers.

Session materials / Matériaux de session au-dessous / Materiales de la sesión abajo
Please find powerpoint presentations, notes and support materials from each of the sessions held at our annual meeting below. Please note that the sessions were held in English with French and Khmer interpretation, Spanish interpretation was not available.


Introductory Training to the Universal Standards for SPM PowerPoint presentation 

Networks Meeting - Universal Standards Implementation 
Accion Model Law Presentation
Good Return presentation
CMF Nepal presentation
AMFIU Uganda presentation
MCPI Philippines presentation
AMFA, Jhale Hajiyeva "Challenges and Successes in USSPM Execution in Azerbaijan" PowerPoint presentation

Outcomes Working Group Meeting 
Mission Measurement presentation
Click here to link to the SPTF page on the Outcomes Working Group.

Social Investors Meeting 
PowerPoint presentation

SPI4 Introduction and Workshop 
Click here to be directed to the USSPM manual and the SPI4 tool.

Training on the Progress Out of Poverty Index (PPI)
Good Return PowerPoint presentation

Balancing Financial and Social Performance: Six insights from AMK Cambodia for successfully delivering on good intentions 
PowerPoint presentation  

Cost-effective Ways of Influencing Consumer Behavior
Good Return PowerPoint presentation

Client Protection Principles: Model Law and Commentary for Financial Consumer Protection
Find the new Microfinance CEO Working Group publication here.


MAIN MEETING DAY ONENotes from ALL of the following sessions are included in these complete notes.

Main topics of discussion:
-Celebrating Ten Years of the SPTF
-Confronting the “SPM Skeptic” How Far Have We Come in Ten Years? Notes
-How Does SPM Help Financial Institutions Address Operational Challenges? 

Case study #1: Client-centered Product Design Addresses the Need for Flexible and Accessible Products
AMK, Kea Borran PowerPoint presentation
WWB, Jaclyn Berfond PowerPoint presentation

Case study #2: Collecting Client Data Addresses Low Client Satisfaction and Retention
ASKI, Amina Mendez PowerPoint presentation
Kashf Foundation, Shahla Sattar PowerPoint presentation

Case study #3: Responsible HR Practices Address Staff Satisfaction and Retention
MicroLoan Foundation, Daniella Hawkins PowerPoint presentation 
Al Majmoua, Youssef Fawaz PowerPoint presentation

Case study #4: Client Protection Practices Address Client Over-indebtedness
BRAC, Maria May PowerPoint presentation

Green Performance Management
Stakeholder session agenda - "Going Green - Field Notes from Indonesia" PowerPoint presentation
SPI4 Green Module PowerPoint presentation
Prasac, Growing Together PowerPoint presentation

MAIN MEETING DAY TWONotes from ALL of the following sessions are included in these complete notes.

Read Frank DeGiovanni's speech on the 10th Anniversary of the SPTF here

Recognizing the Warning Signs of Market Saturation: Avoiding a National Over-indebtedness Crisis 
Daniel Rozas, MIMOSA PowerPoint presentation

Breakout Panels: Innovations in National Regulation and Self Regulation

Breakout #1: Supporting regulators, networks, and financial institutions to respond to client complaints 
Grid Impact, Alexandra Fiorillo PowerPoint presentation

Breakout #2: Regulating the industry through partnerships between regulators and associations (no presentations were used during this breakout session)
Talking points 

Breakout #3: The Future of Responsible Pricing
Notes Triple Jump's Interest Traffic Light website can be linked to here.

The Last Mile in SPM: What are the credible options for tracking client outcomes?
EDA Rural Systems, Frances Sinha  PowerPoint presentation

Workshops: Practical, Credible Options for Measuring Client Outcomes:

Workshop #1: Enterprise development and employment outcomes
Mission Measurement, Margaret Richards, The Microfinance Impact Genome Project PowerPoint presentation

Workshop #2: Savings outcomes
PowerPoint presentation

Workshop #3: Women’s empowerment outcomes, WWB, Jaclyn Berfond
PowerPoint presentation
Women’s Empowerment Framework handout
Women's Empowerment Sample Indicators handout

Workshop #4: Health outcomes - Bobby Gray, Freedom from Hunger
Health Outcomes Performance Indicators Progress Report
ADRA microfinance case study
CARD microfinance case study
Equitas microfinance case study
ESAF microfinance case study

Workshop #5: Quality of life (poverty & risk reduction) outcomes
EDA Rural Systems, OI Australia Measuring and Reporting Client Outcomes Poverty and Risk Reduction
AMK  Measuring and Reporting on Supporting Improvements in the Quality of Life   
Discussion agenda

Introductory Training—SPI4 tool 
Click here to be directed to the USSPM manual and the SPI4 tool.

Nous espérons que vous pourrez nous rejoindre pour la convention annuelle 2015 de la SPTF au cours de la semaine du 8 au 12 juin à Siem Reap, au Cambodge. Cette année, nous vous présenterons de nombreux cas décrivant comment la gestion de la performance sociale (GPS) peut relever des défis opérationnels; comment la GPS engendre des marchés sains et sûrs; et enfin, comment la GPS nous permet de comprendre nos clients et d'évaluer les changements sociaux.

Documents pour la convention
La SPTF distribuera des clefs USB contenant tous les documents des réunions lors de la convention annuelle, au lieu de dossiers imprimés. Ce changement obéit aux bonnes pratiques environnementales recommandées par le Groupe de Travail de Performance Verte.  En amont de l'événement, nous afficherons tous les documents de la convention ici

Matériaux de session - notes de séance du premier jour 

Comment  la GPS peut-elle aider les institutions financières à résoudre les  défis opérationnels? :

Matériaux de session - notes de séance de la deuxième journée

Esperamos que pueda acompañarnos en la Reunión Anual de SPTF 2015 durante la semana del 8 al 12 de junio en Siem Reap, Camboya. Este año, presentaremos muchos casos que describen cómo la gestión del desempeño social (GDS) puede abordar los desafíos operativos; cómo la GDS crea mercados seguros y sólidos; y cómo la GDS nos permite comprender a nuestros clientes y evaluar los resultados sociales. 

Materiales informativos
SPTF distribuirá memorias de almacenamiento USB que contienen todos los materiales informativos de la Reunión Annual, en lugar de libros informativos impresos. Este cambio es para apoyar las buenas prácticas ambientales promovidas por el Grupo de Trabajo de Desempeño Ecológico. Antes de la reunión, cargaremos todos los materiales, sólo está disponible en Inglés, aqui.

Materiales de la sesión - Día 1 
Notas completas aqui
Cómo ayuda la GDS a las instituciones financieras - Caso #1 aqui
Cómo ayuda la GDS a las instituciones financieras - Caso #2 aqui
Cómo ayuda la GDS a las instituciones financieras - Caso #3 aqui 
Cómo ayuda la GDS a las instituciones financieras - Caso #4 aqui
Confrontando al “escéptico de la GDS” – Cuanto hemos avanzado en diez años? aqui
Microfinanzas verdes aqui

Materiales de la sesión - Día 2
Notas completas aqui
Discurso de Frank DeGiovanni para el Décimo Aniversario de  Grupo de Trabajo sobre el Desempeño Social aqui
El último kilómetro de la GDS- Cuales son las opciones creíbles para los resultados de los clientes? aqui
Grupo#1- Apoyando reguladores, redes o asociaciones, e instituciones financieras para responder a las quejas de los clientes aqui
Grupo #2- Regulando la industria a través de colaboración entre reguladores y asociaciones aqui
Grupo #3- El futuro de los precios responsables aqui
Grupo de trabajo #1- Resultados de desarrollo de negocio y empleo aqui
Grupo de trabajo #2- Resultados de Ahorros aqui
Grupo de trabajo #3- Resultados de empoderamiento de mujeres aqui
Grupo de trabajo #4- Resultados de salud aqui
Grupo de trabajo #5- Resultados de calidad de vida (reducción de pobreza y riesgo) aqui
Reconociendo las señales de alarma de la saturación del mercado- Evitando una crisis de sobre-endeudamiento nacional aqui