Case Studies

In 2011, the Social Performance Task Force created a database of 64 case studies that explore various issues related to social performance. These will eventually be incorporated into the SPTF Resource Center, but until then, click here to read a contents page for the database and find links to download the case studies.

This contents page groups case studies into one of six categories:

  1. How a financial insitution has implemented social performance management (SPM) throughout its organization
  2. Implementation of a specific element (e.g., a board monitoring system) of SPM
  3. Good practices and/or challenges related to specific elements of SPM
  4. Results of a social performance audit, social rating, or diagnostic using a social performance tool
  5. The process (e.g., timeline, who is involved) of undertaking an audit or rating and using results
  6. Other (e.g., profile of a financial servie provider or network, discussion of how a tool / indicators were developed, annual reports)

The database also notes which of the following themes each case study mentions:

  1. Process of undergoing an SP audit, rating, or tool
  2. Action planning / actions suggested based on use of an SP tool
  3. Client retention / customer service
  4. Staff training / retention
  5. Diagnosing overindebtedness / financial distress of clients
  6. Integrating SPM into strategic business planning
  7. Integrating SPM into governance
  8. Introduction to the concept of social performance / social ratings
  9. Tracking / reporting on social performance outcomes
  10. SP management information systems
  11. Cost of one or more SPM activities
  12. Holistic view of operationalizing SPM
  13. HR systems
  14. Gender issues
  15. Health safety
  16. Environmental issues
  17. Developing financial products tailored to client need
  18. Developing non-financial products that serve SP goals
  19. Assessing poverty level of clients