A wealth of public resources are available to assist you with your social performance activities, whether you are a novice wondering how and where to begin or an expert in social performance seeking nuanced information in a particular area.  

Online Resource Center Now Available!

SPTF has developed a comprehensive online resource center organized around the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management. Use the resource center to find practical and field-tested guidance on how to implement the Universal Standards.  All documents in the resource center are free and available for download.

SPTF updates the resource center on an ongoing basis.  If you have materials you would like us to consider including in the resource center, or if you would like to comment on the existing resources, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Your feedback is always welcome.

Other Resources

In addition to the resource center (see above), Task Force Members tell us that following resources are also useful to their work in learning about SPM and improving practice:

  • Case Studies - a catalogue of case studies that discuss different social performance activities pursued by various organizations in the microfinance sector.
  • Events Calendar - a calendar listing the dates, times, and locations of social performance trainings and conferences around the world.
  • SP Initiatives - a list of various complementary initiatives around social performance that are either underway or under development, with links to websites that provide further information.
  • Technical Assistance Providers in Social Performance - a database of names,  contact information, and self-reported experience / expertise, of individuals able to provide technical assistance in one or more areas of social performance.
  • Video Profiles of Institutions Implementing the Universal Standards - a page providing links to several different videos that profile how different institutions are implementing the Universal Standards for social performance management.