SPM Essentials

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Have you heard a lot about social performance management but still wonder, What is it exactly? Are you confused by all the different SPM initiatives? This virtual course is for you—and it’s free!

SPM Essentials is a practical, nine-session online course that teaches the fundamentals of SPM, how all the SPM initiatives fit together, and how to access the SPM tools and resources available to you.

The online course is designed for busy professionals that want to learn the essentials of SPM without attending a conference or in-person course.  Each session is 1.5 hours. From the Webex online platform, you can watch and listen to the presentation, ask questions, and interact with peers.

All participants receive a 60-page Resource Handbook with all the essential information, including dozens of links to online resources and tools.

Note: SPTF is not currently offering the SPM Essentials course, but recordings and materials from the 2012-13 course are posted below.  All are free to download.  


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